A6000 mostly manual lens comparison page

These are the lenses I tried on my Sony Alpha 6000 and A5000. It's not a scientific approach, it's just my personal impression, a quick and dirty review. It's a random selection, lenses I had in stock from my A7. So no warranty that I'm right. From the full format lenses I tested on the A7 I only chose the smaller ones for the A6000. In my opinion it makes no sense attaching a big and heavy lens to the small body of the A6000.

When I made my first sample picture series, I was disappointed: wide open the picures were a bit soft, as usual, at F 8 they were o.k. and at F 16 or 22 they were blurred, unusable. Same thing with the SELP1650, made for this series. Something wrong with the camera? I consulted a forum, the answers were all the same: this is normal! If you are interested, here is why. As nobody told me before, a warning: only the luminous lenses which are sharp at F 8 are usable on APS-C sensor cameras.

The most interesting thing about the Alpha 6000 is its short flange focal distance. So there is plenty of room for adapters. 
Detailed informations about adapters are here. Some information on Russian and other eastern lenses, including the adaption of M39 Zenit mount lenses, is on this page. You will also find some hints for Braun Paxette lenses which have a similar problem on another page.

When using an old manual lens, there is no autofocus, but the A6000 has two features to help you: focus peaking and focus magnifying. And, you have to set the aperture manually on the lens. So before buying a lens, be sure that there is an aperture ring present, most modern lenses don't have one, it's done automatically via electrical contacts and except Sony A and Canon EOS mounts there are no adapters with matching contacts yet.
The good news: the viewing system of the A6000 is capable to manage viewing even with a closed aperture.

For details and pictures click on the name of a lens, it will lead you to it's page.
 Behind the sample images there are bigger ones. So you may look at the full resolution image and judge yourself. I had migrated to a Linux server recently. This caused some trouble with the sample pictures. I hope that it's repaired by now. So if a sample picture gives an error, please let me know. All sample pictures have been taken at 200 ISO unless indicated. Colour setting is "auto". It is sometimes erratic with the tints of old glass. You may compare these to the "daylight" setting with the A7 pictures. Have a look at the EXIF data in case of doubt.

NameFocal lengthFF equiv.Widest apertureLength+Adapter mmWeight gr.
COSINA 24mm F 2.8  MC Makro.24mm36mmF 2.840/46 + 27180
HELIOS 44 2/58.58mm87mmF 2.046/56 + 27220
JUPITER 3 1:1.5 F=5cm50mm75mmF 1.526 + 19/25135
JUPITER-8 2/50.50mm75mmF 2.034/37 + 11115
Killfitt-Makro-Kilar E 1:3.5/4 cm.40mm60mmF 3.538/59 + 26140
Kilfitt-Makro-Kilar D 1:2.8/4 cm40mm60mmF 2.839/78 + 26166
KONICA HEXANON AR 40mm F 1.8.40mm60mmF 1.828/32 + 20123
LEITZ ELMAR f=9cm 1:4.90mm135mmF 478/88 + 11240
LOMO-T43 1:4 F=40mm.40mm60mmF 426/31 + 1165
OLYMPUS Zuiko Auto-W 21mm F 3.521mm32mmF 3.531/35 + 27167
OLYMPUS Zuiko Auto-W 24mm F 2.8.24mm36mmF 2.831/35 + 27181
OLYMPUS Zuiko Auto-W 28mm F 2.8.28mm42mmF 2.831/35 + 27155
ORION-15 6/28.28mm42mmF 623/26 + 1160
ROESCHLEIN LUXON 1:2/50mm Paxette50mm75mmF 226/29 + 25 85
STAEBLE LINEOGON 1:3.5/35 Paxette35mm52mmF 3.523/25 + 25127
STAEBLE CHORO 1:3.5/38 Paxette38mm57mmF 3.517/19 + 25 63
STAEBLE KATA 1:2.8/45 Paxette45mm68mmF 2.814/17 + 25 51
STAEBLE TELEXON 1:5.6/85 Paxette85mm128mmF 5.633/38 + 25109
TOKINA RMC 35-105mm 1:3.5-4.3.35-105mm53-158mmF 3.590/110 + 26610
VOIGTLÄNDER Super Wide-Heliar 15mm F 4.5 aspherical.15mm23mmF 4.530 + 11100
VOIGTLÄNDER Snapshot Skopar 25mm F4 MC25mm38mmF 429 + 11 95
ZEISS SONNAR 1:2 F=5cm Contax.50mm75mmF 2.011/22 + 19/25150
FOTODIOX PROSHIFT ADAPTER (with OLYMPUS 24mm lens)lenslenslens24 + 3176
FUJIAN TV Lens f=35mm 1:1.7.35mm (crop)52mmF 1.742130
HOLGA HL(W)-SN 25mm F8 zone focus on A5000
25mm (crop)38mmF 824/26 30
HOLGA HPL-SN 0.25mm Pinhole on A5000
~28mm (crop)42mmF 14025 25
INDUSTAR 69 28mm F 2.8.28mm (crop)42mmF 2.818/19 + 11 45
LOREO PC Lens in a cap (f=35mm)35mm shift53mmF 1116 + 2735
PINHOLE CAP for M39 on A5000
~28mm28mmF 1273 + 11  5
SONY E 3.5-5.6/PZ 16-50 OSS.16-50mm (crop)24-75mmF 3.5-5.629/52110
CANON S12024-120mm equiv.F 1.8-5.7whole cam218

* no sample pictures yet