CANON S120 24-120mm equiv. F 1.8-5.7

Just for fun and comparison, I made similar pictures with my Canon S120. Since the S90 came on the market, I always have one of these in my pocket. The worst picture is no picture. I shoot about 5.000 pictures a year with it. I's really small, extremely fast, has a good auto-focus and makes decent pictures for a pocketable camera.

Focal length: 24-120mm
Mount: none
Aperture: F 1.8 (5.7) - F 8
Min focus distance: 1.5cm  (!)
Size: 10 x 5.9 x 2.9cm

Weight: 218gr. with battery and card

Some pictures:

The Canon S120 next to an A7 battery. You can see how small it is.

Sample pictures: You may click on the sample image (except closest focus) for full resolution. The full resolution image opens in a new window, so you can keep it open for comparison. Focus is on the satellite dish to the right of the big solar panel near the center of the photo.

24mm equiv., F 1.8.

equiv., F 4.

equiv., F 8.

50mm equiv., F 3.5.

equiv., F 8.

equiv., F 5.7.

equiv., F 8.

Closest focus (at 24mm
equiv.) is only 1.5cm (!) from outermost edge of the lens.

This is not the picture quality of the A7, but in my opinion it is very decent, even better than a bad lens attached to the A7. The lens is fast and not bad, even wide open. Camera start and auto-focus are both very quick. The S120 has the manual features of a professional camera and can shoot RAW. That's why it was always in my pocket, no missed pictures any more. The last pocketable camera I had, was the Canon G9X Mark II, even better. But this is over. I now have an old Huawei P30 Pro cell phone. Its 3 cameras are still top class. It even has a real 5x zoom lens and it can shoot RAW in case of. Not ideal either, but sufficient and very handy.