HOLGA HL(W)-SN 25mm F8

Focal length: 25mm
full format, APS-C equiv. 38mm
Min focus distance: ~0.50m
Aperture: F 8
Length (from flange): 24/26mm
Diameter: 58mm
Weight: 30gr.

Some pictures:

A5000 and the lens.

Sample picture, no use for full resolution. There is heavy vignetting.

This is a cheap plastic lens.
There is heavy vignetting. You can buy an E-mount version of the lens. It has no aperture setting, it's fixed at F8. Infinity isn't at the infinity mark, but it focusses to infinity nevertheless. It has a kind of "zone focussing", focus is (too) stiff. The plastic mount wobbles, but is light tight. It's a crappy lens with "Holga Style" quality and results. You either love it or leave it. At least, you have been warned. The results are very similar to Holga cameras, so you can have the Holga fun without the expenses for film and processing ;-)