INDUSTAR-69  2.8/28mm

This lens does not cover full format.

Focal length: 28mm
full format, APS-C equiv. 42mm
Mount: M39, but have a look at the last paragraph
Aperture: F 2.8 - F 16
Min focus distance: 0.80m
Length (from flange): 18/19mm [+ 11mm for the adapter],
rear element protrudes 4mm
Diameter: 48mm
Weight: 45gr.

Some pictures:

A6000 and the lens.

I bought a second lens which was already adapted by a Russian dealer/repairman. So there are 2 sample pictures of each F-stop.

Sample pictures: You may click on the sample image (except closest focus) for full resolution. The full resolution image opens in a new window, so you can keep it open for comparison. Focus is on the satellite dish to the right of the big solar panel near the center of the photo.

F 2.8.

F2.8 second lens, dull day.

F 8.

F8 second lens, dull day.

F 16.

F16 second lens, dull day.

Closest focus (F8) is 50cm from outermost edge of the lens. Focus on the program wheel of the camera.

Closest focus (F8) is 42cm from outermost edge of the lens, so it's closer than the first one. Focus on the program wheel of the camera.

This is the smallest lens I had for the A6000. Wide open it is soft, but gets better stopped down. At F 8 it's o.k., quite a usable lens, but nothing more.  It's an extremely small and lightweight lens, the 42mm equiv. brings it close to the 45mm standard in the 1930 street photography. It costs next to nothing, but needs an adaption.
At F 16 it only gets blurred at the edges due to diffraction, which is much better than other lenses. This is a problem of the APS-C sensor size, not the lens (see comparison page). The second lens is better than the first one, as the photos were made on a dull day, there is less contrast.

The original FFD for this lens is shorter than the 28.8mm for standard M39, it's said to be 27.5mm. Quite some sellers "forget" to mention it. There is an easy and quick fix to this, not elegant, but it works. Google "Industar 69 focus fix" and you will find video tutorials. Set the lens to any aperture, but remember, which one you set. You just have to loosen the 3 screws that hold the ring with the distance scale around the lens, lift it, turn it over and take off the stop screw inside. Put it back and let the point for the aperture coincide with the aperture you set. Rescrew. If it doesn't turn easily, it might be necessary to lift the ring about 1mm from its original position, it screws nevertheless. You can now turn the lens way beyond the original infinity stop, just enough to have infinity with M39 FFD. And there is no stop on the other side, you could unscrew the lens. So please do not make more than one full turn. Your distance scale is haywire, but the lens works. Not elegant, as I said. You could also align the infinity mark to its new stop and create a new mark for the aperture. Put a little drop of silver or white paint over the old dot and make a new red one. A better solution would be to sand down the threaded ring of your adapter. Please refer to the russian lens page how to do this.