VOIGTLÄNDER  Super Wide-Heliar 15mm F 4.5 aspherical

Focal length: 15mm
Mount: M39
Aperture: F 4.5 - F 22
Min focus distance: 0.30m
Length (from flange): 30mm
[+ 11mm for the adapter], rear element protrudes 15mm
Diameter: 53mm
Weight: 100gr.

Some pictures:

A7 and the lens.

Sample pictures:
 You may click on the sample image (except closest focus) for full resolution. The full resolution image opens in a new window, so you can keep it open for comparison. Focus is on the satellite dish to the right of the big solar panel near the center of the photo.

F 4.5.

F 8.

F 22.

Closest focus is 20cm from outermost edge of the lens, F 8. Focus on the program wheel of the camera.

This lens is very small and very lightweight. However this one is not really compatible with full frame sensors, there is heavy vignetting (particularly on upper right edge, but also down left; this doesn't disappear stopping down) and it has some colour cast. Without clear blue skies the problems become less visible, a bit of cropping lets the corners disappear and produces nice very wide images with a nostalgic image impression. Carefully aligned there is nearly no distortion.

It delivered beautiful images on film with a Bessa L. It's nice with a Sony A6000. There is a new version III of this lens, made for full frame sensors, but the new one is much bigger and heavier, hence less attractive.