HOLGA HPL-SN 0.25mm Pinhole

This device does not cover full format.

Focal length: ~28mm, crop 1.5 = 42mm FF equivalent
Min focus distance: ~1m
Aperture: ~F 140
Length (from flange): 25mm
Diameter: 58mm
Weight: 25gr.

Some pictures:

A7 and the pinhole.

The Holga Pinhole uncropped. Sorry for the wall to the right, but you can guess the circle.

The pinhole in APS-C mode. No vignetting, the typical softness of pinholes in this format. No need to make more pictures, you can guess what you get.

This is a cheap plastic pinhole device. It doesn't cover full format, you have to set your camera to APS-C mode.
You can buy an E-mount version of it. There is no aperture setting and no focussing. The plastic mount wobbles, but is light tight. The results are very soft, which seems to be typical for 24x36mm format pinholes.