HELIOS-103 1:1.8/53

Focal length: 53mm
Mount: Contax rf
Aperture: F 1.8 - F 22
Min focus distance: 0.90m
Length (see*): 33mm [+ 19/25mm for the adapter]

Diameter: 45mm
Weight: 140gr.

*Contax mount is quite different. In fact it's two mounts. The inner mount has a focussing helical, so the standard lenses don't have one. The outer mount is for other lenses which have their own focussing device. Its difficult to measure. I have taken the locking pin for reference.

Some pictures:

A7 and the lens.

Sample pictures: You may click on the sample image (except closest focus) for full resolution. The full resolution image opens in a new window, so you can keep it open for comparison. Focus is on the satellite dish to the right of the big solar panel near the center of the photo.

F 1.8.

F 8.

F 22.

Closest focus  is 77cm from the outermost edge of the lens, F 8. Focus on the program wheel of the camera.

This lens was a newer standard lens sold with Kiev cameras. It can be found for low prices, it's very decent. Wide open it's quite soft at edges. Stopped down a little bit, it's sharp already. The lens has no close focussing capablities. It is relatively small and lightweight, particularly for a F 1.8 lens. A nice lens which offers one usable stop more than a standard lens.

For the "Bokeh" of the different Helios 44 and the 103 lenses I have made a separate page.

The Contax rf mount adapter is difficult to find and sometimes expensive, but Contax mount lenses are often much cheaper than their M39 versions.