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With this site I want to share my ideas about my Sony Alpha 7.
Do not expect anything close to a technical survey, it's just my impressions about the camera and the use of it. Concerning the lenses you may look at the full resolution images and judge yourself.

The main theme is third party lenses, often called legacy lenses. Most of them are manual lenses. This is my Alpha 7 comparison page of the lenses I own.
Details about adapters are here. Some information on Russian and other eastern lenses, including the adaption of M39 Zenit mount lenses, can be found on this page, for Braun Paxette lenses on another page.

I also bought an Alpha 5000. I wanted the ultra-compact SEL P1650, although it's an APS-C lens, just for comparison. As the kit camera+lens wasn't far from the lens alone price-wise, I got the kit. The A5000 is a cute little camera, much smaller than the A7, but it lacks a viewer. When you become a regular user of the A7, you don't want to miss this viewer anymore, it's fantastic. In the end I swapped the A5000 for an A6000. So
I chose the smaller lenses for an Alpha 6000 comparison page.

For the basics about manual lenses on your Sony A7, a beginner's guide, have a look at this website, it gives you all the details you need for a start. Thank you, Phillip, for sharing this information.
There is a conclusions page, but it's only hints and clues, nothing more.

This is the link to the mandatory contact page. There are others of my projects, one is about 120 film folders, one about small 135 film cameras and one about instant photography, but the latter is not ready yet, it's an ongoing project.